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UKRAINE: Nachrichten aus der Landwirtschaft


Ukrainian agro-industrial complex will gain record government support in 2018
All-time large state support for the Ukrainian agro-industrial complex in the amount of UAH 6.3 billion for 2018 should become a guarantee of new common achievements. Summing up the results of the year, the experts of the domestic agro-industrial complex stress that the agricultural sector of Ukraine remains the leading area in the country, determining its social and economic development, ensuring food security, shaping the image of the leader on the world stage. As reported, the export of Ukrainian agricultural products for January-November 2017 increased by USD 2.7 billion or 19%, compared to the same period last year, and totaled USD 16.4 billion.
29.12.2017 Source: Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

Ukraine. Eight elevators to be built in Lviv region
The construction of eight grain elevators with a combined storage capacity of 68 KMT in under way in Lviv region. Agricultural companies and farmers in the region harvested a good crop this year. In particular, the total harvest of grains and oilseeds exceeded 1.4 MMT. Agricultural production develops far ahead of the expansion of storage infrastructure.
29.12.2017 Source: UkrAgroConsult

Ukrainian agricultural exports reach USD 16.4 bln already this year
The exports of Ukrainian agricultural products over January-November of this year increased by USD 2.7 billion, or 19%, compared to the same period last year, and totaled USD 16.4 billion. The foreign trade turnover in agricultural products within this period reached USD 20.5 billion with the imports share of USD 4.1 billion. The Deputy Agrarian Minister Olha Trofimtseva added that the geographical structure of exports of Ukrainian agricultural and food products remained unchanged. "We export mainly to the countries of Asia. The share was 43%, which is almost USD 7.04 billion. The share of the European countries was 31.8% or USD 5.2 billion, and that of the African countries – 14.5% or USD 2.4 billion," Trofimtseva said.
28.12.2017 Source: Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

EU is the main consumer of Ukrainian organic products
The market of the European Union`s countries mainly forms the export geography of Ukrainian organic products. In particular, in 2016 Germany (nearly 20 mln EUR), Poland (12 mln EUR), the UK (8.7 mln EUR), Austria and Italy (7 mln EUR each), and Switzerland (nearly 5 mln EUR) became the largest importers of the Ukrainian products (in monetary terms). In addition, small-scale volumes of organic products of Ukrainian origin also come on the markets of North America, particularly in the USA. Among the reporting countries, Switzerland (262 EUR), the USA (111 EUR) and Germany (106 EUR) demonstrate the high level of organic production consumption per capita.
26.12.2017 Source: Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation (UAC)

Parliament refuses to cancel extension of moratorium on farmland sales
The Verkhovna Rada, Ukraine's parliament, has refused to cancel the adoption of bill No. 7350, which extended the moratorium on the sale of agricultural land for one more year, until January 1, 2019.
20.12.2017 Source: Ukrinform

Ukraine exported agricultural products worth USD 14.7 bln for 10 months
The share of agricultural products in the structure of exports from January to October of this year amounted to 41.8% and totaled USD 14.7 billion. According to the First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Maksym Martyniuk, in 2016/2017 marketing year, Ukraine ranks first place in exports of sunflower oil, second - in barley, third - maize, nuts and honey, and sixth – in wheat and oilseeds. Top 10 countries importing Ukrainian agricultural products are India, Egypt, the Netherlands, Spain, China, Turkey, Italy, Poland, Iran and Belarus (the total share in exports for 10 months - 55.2%).
15.12.2017 Source: Ukrinform

AGCO seeks to start Valtra tractor sales in Ukraine in 2018
AGCO, a global leader in production and supply of agricultural machinery and equipment, will start selling tractors on the Ukrainian market in 2018 under the Valtra trademark. “We have plans to launch one of the main brands of Valtra Corporation in Ukraine in 2018. The Valtra plant in Finland already produces tractors for European countries, including for Belarus, Kazakhstan and Georgia,” Marketing Director of AGCO Eastern Europe Anton Kostyrko said. According to him, in 2017 the market of imported tractors in Ukraine grew by 17% compared to 2016.
AGCO sells a wide range of tractors, combines, feed processing equipment, self-propelled sprayers and tillage machines, attachments and original spare parts. The AGCO machinery is sold under the Challenger, Fendt, Massey Ferguson and Valtra trademarks.
08.12.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Kyschentsi Agricultural Company to boost cattle numbers to 3,500 by 2020
Kyschentsi LLC (Cherkasy region) would increase cattle numbers from 1,200 to 3,500 heads in two or three years, the director and founder of the company, Kees Huizinga said. “Now we are building new premises of the dairy farm. We are finishing construction of a milking space and plan to launch it before New Year. We plan to boost cattle numbers from 1,200 to 3,500 heads in two or three years,” he said. Now the company breeds Holstein cows and supplies milk to Ternopil dairy plant. Along with dairy farms, the company plans to expand production of vegetable. This year Kyschentsi LLC sowed onions, carrots and cabbage on 400 ha.
08.12.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Kherson machine building plant estimates investment in production of SKIF 280 Superior harvesters at UAH 373 mln.
The total investment in a five-year project to create the joint production of Skif 280 Superior harvesters on the basis of Kherson machine building plant together with the Finnish Sampo Rosenlew is estimated at UAH 373.8 million. “The enterprise has started the development of combines. This year we have assembled three harvesters, now the fourth one is being prepared. Moreover, one has already been purchased by the local agricultural producer, i.e. the project has been launched,” the director of Kherson machine building plant, Oleksandr Oliynyk said.
The planned total output of agricultural machinery for the five years of project implementation (2017-2022) is 1,460 combines for UAH 5.87 billion, spare parts for combines and other agricultural machinery for UAH 2.77 billion. As reported, in June this year Kherson machine building plant presented at the AGRO 2017 exhibition the first sample of SKIF 280 Superior harvesters.
07.12.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Ukraine, China sign program of investment cooperation in agricultural sector
Ukraine and the People's Republic of China have signed the program of investment cooperation in the agricultural sector. "The signed document aims to define the priority areas of the Ukrainian-Chinese investment cooperation in the agricultural sector and the key mechanisms and instruments for such cooperation. This framework intergovernmental agreement will give impetus to the businesses of the two countries for implementation of specific investment projects in the agricultural sector," commented Deputy Agrarian Policy and Food Minister of Ukraine Olha Trofimtseva. She noted that the trade in agricultural products between Ukraine and China over the past two years had reached over USD 1 billion. According to her, the Ukrainian agricultural sector has a significant potential to become a production hub for foreign partners.
06.12.2017 Source: press service of the Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry of Ukraine

EBRD will issue EUR 25 mln to MHP for building biogas plant
The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will issue a loan of EUR 25 million to Myronivsky Hliboproduct (MHP) for the construction of a 10 MW biogas plant in Vinnytsia region. The total cost of the project is estimated at EUR 27 million. The construction of a biogas plant is aimed at using the waste of the existing poultry facilities in Vinnytsia region to produce biogas, which will be used as an alternative energy source thanks to modern technologies. As a result, it is expected to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by the equivalent of 85,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide a year.
Myronivsky Hliboproduct is the largest poultry producer in Ukraine. It is also engaged in production of cereals, sunflower oil, and meat.
04.12.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Finland’s Foreign Ministry and NEFCO setting up fund for financing renewable energy in Ukraine by EUR 6 mln.
The Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Nordic Environment Finance Corporation NEFCO signed an agreement on November 29 to create a trust fund for financing renewable energy in Ukraine in the amount of EUR 6 million. To date, NEFCO has already funded about 150 projects in the field of renewable energy and energy efficiency in Ukraine.
30.11.2017 Source: press service of the State Agency for Energy Efficiency of Ukraine

Kernel forecasts USD 210-250 mln. EBITDA in 2018 FY
Kernel, one of the largest Ukrainian agrarian groups, forecasts EBITDA in the 2018 financial year (FY, July 2017-June 2018) at a level of no lower than USD 210 million. “We expect EBITDA in the 2018 financial year to exceed $210 million, but it will be below $250 million,” member of the company’s board of directors Yuriy Kovalchuk said. Kernel posted USD 319 million EBITDA in the 2017 FY.
28.11.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Rentkom will invest EUR10 mln. In elevator in Ternopil region by 2019
Rentkom LLC (Lviv) has commissioned the first stage of an elevator for 30,000 tonnes in the village of Dzvyniach (Ternopil region). Investments in the launch of the first stage of the elevator amounted to about EUR 5 million. The launch of the second stage with the capacity of 60,000 tonnes is scheduled for 2019. The construction of the facility began in May 2016. Its planned capacity is 90,000 tonnes of grain. The elevator complex was created for purchase, storage and subsequent processing of oilseeds. In future it is planned to build a plant for processing oilseeds (soybeans, rapeseeds, sunflower) with a capacity of 15,000 tonnes per month (180,000 tonnes per year).
28.11.2017 Source: Ternopil Regional State Administration

Ukroliya invests about UAH 50 mln. in plant for organic oil production
Ukroliya LLC (Poltava region) has invested about UAH 50 million in the new Ukroliya Organic plant for production of organic oil in the settlement of Dykanka in Poltava region. This is the first certified plant in Ukraine for production of organic oil. The company plans to process 18,000 tonnes of sunflower, 50,000 tonnes of soybeans, produce 7,020 tonnes of organic sunflower oil, 6,750 tonnes of organic soybean oil, 7,100 tonnes of cake, and 3,000 tonnes of sunflower husk per year.
Ukroliya was founded in 2001. It owns a production complex for processing sunflower seeds in Poltava region.
27.11.2017 Source: press service of Ukroliya

OTP Bank signs cooperation agreement with Alfa Smart Agro on lending to farmers
OTP Bank (Kyiv) has signed a cooperation agreement with Alfa Smart Agro, a manufacturer of plant protection products and micro fertilizers, in the field of lending to agricultural enterprises. According to the terms of the program, agrarians can get loans from OTP Bank for the purchase of more than 60 types of plant protection agents produced by Alfa Smart Agro at a special rate of 12% per annum in the hryvnia. The amount of financing can be up to UAH 8 million, and a pledge can be an agrarian receipt or a future crop, as well as the company’s assets.
17.11.2017 Source: bank press release

Grain Alliance to invest about USD 2 mln. in flour mill in Kyiv region
Grain Alliance (Stockholm, Sweden) with assets in Ukraine plans to invest about USD 2 million in the launch of a flour mill in Yahotyn (Kyiv region) in April-May 2018. “Now we are working, we’ve already brought equipment for wheat processing into flour. We plan to start it in April-May,” Grain Alliance CEO Yevhen Radoveniuk said. According to him, investment in the plant will amount to about USD 2 million. In addition, the company is developing two projects to create added value: production of seeds of soybeans, wheat, oats, rye, and production of liquid micro fertilizers.
As reported, Grain Alliance cultivates 53,000 hectares of agricultural land in Ukraine: in Kyiv, Cherkasy, Poltava, and Chernihiv regions.
16.11.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Grain Alliance invest UAH 75 mln. in launch of elevator in Chernihiv region
Grain Alliance (Stockholm, Sweden) with assets in Ukraine has invested UAH 75 million in the launch of a grain elevator in Nizhyn (Chernihiv region) in November 2017. “We have launched the first phase of the grain elevator in Nizhyn in Chernihiv region with a storage capacity of 24,000 tonnes. Investment totals UAH 75 million. In general, its capacity would reach 72,000 tonnes. We plan to finish the project in coming two or three years,” Grain Alliance CEO Yevhen Radoveniuk said. The company also increased storage capacities of the elevator in Pyriatyn (Poltava region), to 100,000 tonnes.
 As reported, Grain Alliance plans until 2020 to double elevator capacity, to 400,000 tonnes. Over this period, it plans to expand its land bank to 100,000 hectares, reach grain sales of 1 million tonnes.
16.11.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

HarvEast seeks to double investment in 2018
HarvEast agroholding plans to double investment in 2018. “In 2017, we invested near $4 million. Next year it will be twice more. We will invest in a seed plant, irrigation and upgrade of fleet,” HarvEast CEO Dmytro Skorniakov said. He said that investment in the launch of the seed plant in Donetsk region would reach $4 million. The plant could be launched in August or September 2018.
 In addition, the agroholding plans to expand irrigated areas to 5,000 ha in three or four years.
 As reported, in 2017, the agroholding installed irrigation systems on 400 ha and in 2018 plans to install them on 700 more ha.
 HarvEast’s core business is crop farming (growing wheat, sunflower, barley, perennial grasses, and corn) and dairy farming.
15.11.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

HarvEast holding creates new division HarvEast Irrigation Seeds
HarvEast Holding decided to create new division HarvEast Irrigation Seeds for operational reasons. The main tasks of the new division are to expand the areas under irrigation, efficient management of irrigated areas, launch of a new seed plant, development of seed production in irrigated land areas and cooperation in hybridization with foreign companies. “The creation of a separate cluster HarvEast Irrigation Seeds will help the agricultural holding to achieve maximum results in these directions within the optimal time frames,” Director General of HarvEast Holding Dmytro Skorniakov said.
In 2017, the agroholding installed irrigation systems on 400 ha and in 2018 plans to install them on 700 more ha.
10.11.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

KMZ Industries and Agroprosperis Bank launch silo equipment purchase financing program for small farmers
KMZ Industries and Agroprosperis Bank (Kyiv) have signed a partnership agreement on financing of purchases of silo equipment for small and medium-sized agricultural enterprises at preferential credit rates. The partnership program simplifies the acquisition of equipment for processing and storing grain crops from KMZ Industries. Under the terms of the partnership program, the credits are issued in the amount of up to USD 400,000 or in the hryvnia equivalent for the period of up to 40 months at preferential rate starting from 6.55%. Farmers with cultivated land from 100 ha who have experience in agricultural production for over three farming cycles can participate in the program.
10.11.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Ukraine, Saudi Arabia sign Memorandum on investment cooperation in agriculture
The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine and the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia signed a Memorandum on investment cooperation in the agriculture sector. Agriculture is a key component of the trade and economic cooperation between the countries and the share of agricultural products in overall Ukraine’s exports to Saudi Arabia is the largest.
02.11.2017 Source: press service of the Agrarian Policy Ministry

Kharkiv Frunze Plant enters British market
PJSC Frunze Plant (Kharkiv) has shipped the first batch of products to a British woodworking company. “A company from Wales, engaged in woodworking and promotion of environmental boilers, has been shipped 175 sieves,” the press service said. The products of the Ukrainian enterprise will be used by the British firm to dry wood. “The first delivery to the British market is the result of our active participation in major international exhibitions due to which we are now actively expanding the geography of sales,” Oleksandr Vasylenko, the chairman of Frunze plant, said.
Frunze Plant was founded in 1885. It produces sieves for agricultural machinery, gratings, grids and fencing systems for construction industry, elements of urban environment (trash cans, benches), warehouse racks and protective systems of engine crankcases for cars.
Kharkiv Frunze Plant will take part in AGRO 2018 in Kiev, Ukraine.
01.11.2017 Source: press service of Kharkiv Frunze Plant

German issue of Ukraine Investment Guide 2017
The joint publication (in German) by Büro WBU and DLF attorneys-at-law provides an overview of both the economic development of Ukraine and legal aspects of foreign investments. In this guide, the key economic performance indicators are analysed, as well as the Ukrainian law areas, most commonly referred to.
11.2017 Source: DLF Attorneys-at-law

Korean company interested in building grain complex in Chornomorsk port
The representatives of the Korean company Posco Daewoo Corporation have visited the seaport of Chornomorsk and highlighted the prospects for construction of a complex for transshipment of grain and grain by-product cargoes. The program of development of the seaport of Chornomorsk provides for strengthening the capacities of the 2nd terminal. To date, the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine is seeking a potential investor.
25.10.2017 Source: Ukrinform

PM Groysman: Agriculture development among main priorities for the next year
The development of the Ukrainian agriculture is among main priorities for Government for the next year, the Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman stated. "Therefore, we are implementing the support program for agriculture, livestock farming, and Ukrainian engineering. In 2018, we as never before will take the right, balanced steps to support the country. People should be employed, as well as there should be high-quality inexpensive Ukrainian products," Groysman added.
20.10.2017 Source: Ukrinform

Iran takes interest in Ukrainian agriculture
Iran and Ukraine are interested in creating joint agricultural enterprises. This was discussed during the meeting of the leadership of the Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the delegation of the Islamic Republic of Iran, which took place in Kyiv. Currently, 40 companies with Iranian capital are registered in Ukraine. The share of agricultural and food products is more than 60% in the structure of Ukraine’s exports to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Iran is an active importer of Ukrainian grain crops.
05.10.2017 Source: Ukrinform

Government approves seeds certifications rules
The seeds and planting materials certifications rules were approved at a government meeting on Tuesday. The Minister said that the certification would help to take measures to determine the quality of seeds and planting materials and issue the relevant certificates.
As reported, seeds have not been certified in Ukraine since December 2016. Since the moment of termination of operation of the State Agricultural Inspectorate the Ukrainian Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry was authorized to carry out seed certification. The ministry started creating state-run enterprise State Certification and Agricultural Products Examination Center.
21.02.2017 Source: Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

In 2016, Ukrainian agricultural exports exceeded 15 bln USD
In 2016 Ukraine exported agricultural products at the sum of 15.2 bln USD, an increase of 4 bln USD compared with the index for 2015. The share of agrarian products in the general national exports totaled 42%. In particular, the supplies of fats and oils of animal or vegetable origin demonstrated the most significant increase compared with the previous year – up 20%. Generally, plant growing products formed over 8 bln USD in the general exports of Ukrainian agricultural products. At the same time, Ukraine exported food preparations at 2.45 bln USD, live animals and animal products - at 0.78 bln USD.
21.02.2017 Source: State Statistics Service of Ukraine

Elvorti agricultural machinery maker posts 43% rise in sales in 2016
Elvorti manufacturer of seeding and tillage machinery equipment (Kirovohrad, formerly Chervona Zirka) in 2016 increased sales by 43.3% compared to 2015, to UAH 938.4 million. Some 52% of the products were sold in the Ukrainian market. Increasing the production capacity and human resources in 2016, Elvorti expanded the range of products and introduced new ASTRA 4 and ASTRA 6 sowing machines, FORTIS 1600 wheel loaders and ELEX 81A backhoe loaders. Elvorti plans in 2017 to increase production and sales by 22%.
21.02.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Government to foresee UAH 1 bln for compensation of cost of agricultural machinery in 2018
Ukraine's Cabinet of Ministers intends to foresee UAH 1 billion in 2018 for compensation of the cost of agricultural machinery made in Ukraine. The program for this year is UAH 550 million. The parts of the machinery which cost could be partially compensated are to be made by at least 60% in Ukraine. In 2016 Ukrainian agricultural producers spent UAH 10 billion to buy agricultural machinery and only UAH 1.5 billion was sent to buy machinery made in Ukraine.
17.02.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Ukraine increased sunflower seed production in 2016
In 2016, Ukrainian agrarians harvested record volumes of sunflower seed - 13.6 mln tonnes, an increase of 21.7% compared with 2015. The general production volumes of all oilseed crops exceeded 19 mln tonnes. In particular, agrarians harvested 4.28 mln tonnes of soybeans and 1.1 mln tonnes of rapeseed. In 2016, the production of sunflower oil increased by 18.7%, and its exports - up 23%. The production of refined sunflower oil increased by 5%.
17.02.2017 Source: Association Ukroliyaprom

Ministry of Agrarian Policy to contribute to further expansion of soybean areas
The Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine will contribute to further increasing of the planted areas under soybeans, and establish modern agricultural technologies for the industry. During 10 recent years, soybean production in the country increased in 20 times, and last year soybeans became a record-breaker in the production volumes - more than 4 mln tonnes. Establishment of new technologies in the production of organic soybeans brought the industry to a new level. Cooperation of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy with the leading soybean producers will allow to Ukraine to enter new export markets for soy products.
15.02.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Government approves compensation of 15% of agricultural machinery cost to farmers
Starting from 2017 farmers will receive partial compensation of the cost of agricultural machinery in the amount of 15% of its cost via banks if the production localization for the machinery in Ukraine exceeds 35%. “We want to achieve that the localization of Ukrainian agricultural machinery manufacturers by 2020 reaches 60%,” Agricultural Policy and Food Minister of Ukraine Taras Kutoviy said presenting the documents at a government meeting on Tuesday.
15.02.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Fish Agency to draw up bill to support fishing industry
A bill to support fishing industry could be drawn up by the State Fish Agency jointly with the Reforms Delivery Office by the end of March 2017. The agency said that the bill will envisage the creation of the fishing industry fund that would accumulate funds from the fishing industry and distribute them using transparent rules. “The fund is to ensure the use of the funds received in the sector for targeted development: fish planting, soil reclamation and bio resources protection programs. Support of fishing farmers should be a separate direction,” State Fish Agency Head Yarema Kovaliv said.
15.02.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Astarta to invest USD 3 million in feed center in Poltava region
Astarta agroindustrial holding will invest USD 3 million in the feed center in Poltava region. The feed center will be launched in spring 2017. The capacities of the feed center are expected to service over 10,000 heads of cattle. Astarta said that effective, highly-automated system of feed centers will stimulate the improvement of the ration of the cows and thus will improve the headcount’s health and yields by 20-30%.
Astarta is a vertically integrated agro-industrial holding, uniting six regional divisions in Poltava, Vinnytsia, Khmelnytsky, Ternopil, Zhytomyr, and Kharkiv regions. They include nine sugar factories, agricultural farms with a land bank of about 250,000 hectares and dairy farms. The holding also has a soybeans processing plant in Poltava region.
13.02.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

TMM owner mulling investment in agricultural business projects
The owner and director general of TMM developing and construction firm Mykola Tolmachev seeks to invest in agricultural business projects. “I have four business plans. I am ready to study two of them in the agricultural sector. I am interested in those things that no one is doing now,” he said.
Tolmachev said that he is studying construction of a pectin plant and the launch of a powder milk production project.
At present, TMM as the general contractor is building an elevator in Vasylkiv (Kyiv region). Earlier the company finished construction of a bakery. TMM is cooperating in construction of infrastructure projects with Astarta, Ukrproduct and NCH. TMM Firm is a developing and construction company of full cycle. It has been operating on the Ukrainian construction market since 1994.
10.02.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Ukraine posts 50% rise in poultry exports, in pork exports 31% up in January
Ukraine in January 2017 exported 10,993 tonnes of poultry, and this was 50% more than a year ago, the State Fiscal Service has reported. In money terms poultry exports rose by 21%, to USD 13 million. Pork exports in January up by 31% to 380 tonnes 0r USD 690,000.
As reported, Ukraine in 2016 exported 3,160 tonnes of pork, which is 88.4% less than in 2015. Poultry exports in the past year grew by 48.9%, to 240,160 tonnes.
09.02.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Restoring of irrigation - a key condition for development of agriculture in Ukraine
The issues of restoration and development of irrigation systems are extremely important to solve the global food crisis and increase grain production capacities in Ukraine. According to the FAO conclusions, Ukraine is classified as the country, which in the future may become one of the global food donors. In terms of restoration and development of irrigation systems, Ukraine will be able to increase grain production to 100 mln tonnes per year, and increase food provision sufficient for 400-500 mln people. By agreement with the World Bank, the Government of Ukraine has established the Coordination council for development of the strategy for recovery and modernization of irrigation systems in the country.
The Ministry expects that funding and recovery of irrigation projects will begin in 2017. According to experts, the sum of external investments should total 1.5-2 bln USD. By 2021, Ukraine has to restore irrigation throughout nearly 500-550 thsd ha, which will allow producing 20 mln tonnes of grains per year.
07.02.2017 Source: Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

State support for Ukrainian agrarians to increase agricultural production by 10 mln tonnes per year
State support of small and medium-scale agrarians will allow to Ukraine to increase agricultural production by nearly 10 mln tonnes per year, declared the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food, Taras Kutovyi on January 31. According to him, the Ministry declares that there are agrarians, small and medium-scale agricultural companies, who should dominate in the state support structure. Due to the support, agrarians will come to the yield level of large-scale holdings.
Agrarians can not really compete with large holdings - big players have wide-coverage high-capacity machinery, modern technologies, etc. But agrarians can be successful with alternate crops, or organic production. Large-scale companies will not work in such sectors, added T.Kutovyi.
07.02.2017 Source: Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine

In 2016, Ukraine increased the exports of agricultural products to the EU
In 2016, Ukrainian agrarians supplied agricultural products on the market of the European Union at the sum of 4.2 bln USD, up 1.6% compared with 2015. Last year, Ukraine realized mutual trade with agrarian products mainly with Spain, Poland, the Netherlands, Italy, Germany and France. The share of foreign trade turnover with the reporting countries totaled slightly less than 75% in the general volume of agricultural trade with the EU. Ukraine completely filled the quota for exports of wheat, corn, barley groats, oats, sugar, starch, malt and poultry meat to the EU.
06.02.2017 Source: National scientific center "Institute of agrarian economy"

Agrotrade to send some USD 40 million for spring sowing campaign in 2017
Agrotrade agroindustrial group will send near USD 40 million for its spring sowing campaign in 2017. All 17 enterprises of the group have all the required machinery, seeds, plant protection agents and other things. As reported, Agrotrade invested around UAH 10 million in the launch of organic production on 2,000 ha in Chernihiv, Sumy and Kharkiv regions. Since spring 2017 the company will start producing own organic crops – soybeans, peas and buckwheat. The crops will be sold to the EU and the United States.
02.02.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Target for areas with nut crops in 2017 is 2,500 ha
Ukrainian agricultural companies plan to plant nut crops on around 2,500 ha in 2017, including 1,520 ha with walnuts, 890 ha with hazelnuts and 40 ha with almond. A total of 5,000 ha of areas with walnuts and 600 ha with hazelnuts are in Ukraine. According to the Ministry, in 2016 exports of nuts from Ukraine totaled 40,000 tonnes for USD 79.29 million and some 1,920 tonnes for USD 13.56 million was imported.
02.02.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Ukraine sees increase in yield of grain, sunflower seeds, vegetables
Grain harvest in Ukraine in 2016 totaled 65.95 million tonnes, which was 9.7% up on 2016, Ukraine’s State Statistics Service reported on Tuesday. Further, a sugar beet harvest grew by 34.3%, to 13.88 million tonnes, of sunflower seeds by 21.7%, to 13.6 million tonnes and potatoes by 4.4%, to 21.75 million tonnes. The yield of other vegetables rose by 2.2%, to 9.41 million tonnes.
31.01.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Area under organic farming in Ukraine could grow by 10% in 2017
The area of certified farmland under organic production in Ukraine could increase by 10% in 2017, to 450,000 hectares, according to the Organic Ukraine union of organic goods producers. According to the Organic Federation of Ukraine, currently 410,550 ha of land in the country are occupied for organic farming. Compared with 2010, this figure increased by 35%. The EU has 11 million hectares of certified land for organic farming, more than 270,000 farms are engaged in organic production. Deputy Minister of Agricultural Policy and Food Olha Trofimtseva during the first international congress Organic Ukraine in Kyiv said in the last 5 years the number of operators in the Ukrainian organic market grew by 90%.
30.01.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Ukrainian organic producers increase exports by 2.5 times in 2016
Exports of organic products from Ukraine in 2016 increased by 2.5 times, to 165,000 tonnes, compared to 2015, director of the Organic Standard certification agency Serhiy Halashevsky has said during the First International Congress Organic Ukraine 2017. Currently Ukraine has certified according to organic standards the production of marrow squash, onion, rhubarb, pepper, lavender, sage, rose, rosemary, coriander, sour cream, butter, meat, eggs, mushrooms, nuts, grains and others.
27.01.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Novotech-Terminal starts building grain terminal at Odessa seaport
Construction of a new grain terminal of Novotech-Terminal LLC with a projected annual capacity of around 3 million tonnes has been started at Odesa maritime merchandise port. The terminal will be built in four stages and ends in 2019. It will service vessels of up to 250 meters longs and water draft of up to 11 meters. The terminal will have a port elevator with a storage capacity of 110,000 tonnes.
26.01.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Ukraine provides over 50% of the general import volumes of agricultural products to India
In 2016, the share of imports of Ukrainian agricultural products to India totaled more than 50%. Llast year Ukraine supplied agricultural products on the Indian market at the sum of 1.75 bln USD.
25.01.2017 Source: Embassy of the Republic of India in Ukraine

Ovostar Union posts 24% rise in shell egg production in 2016
Ovostar Union, a leading egg producer in Ukraine, produced 1.479 billion eggs in 2016, and this is 24% more than a year ago. Exports grew by 34%, from 229 million in 2015 to 307 million in 2016. 24.01.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

The pig population in Ukraine decreased by 5.5%
As of January 1, 2017, in Ukraine, there were of 6.69 million pigs. It is on 390 thousand (5.5%) is less than a year ago. In particular, has undergone the largest reduction in the number of pigs in the household sector: a minus of 7.7% compared to the beginning of 2016 year to 3.12 million head. The reduction of the industrial population was moderate (minus 4.6%), and its population decreased to 35.7 million head. Accordingly, industrial livestock at the beginning of the year "won" 1% of the specific weight of farms in the population, so its share in the total number of pigs is more than 53%.
20.01.2017 Source: Association of Pig producers of Ukraine 

Ukraine increases processing of grapes by 31% in 2016
Ukraine in 2016 processed 253,860 tonnes of grapes for wine materials (excluding the temporarily occupied territory of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol), which is 30.8% more than in 2015. Companies in 2016 increased production of wine materials by 18%, to 16.64 million decaliters (dal). Some 15.4% more wine materials for sparkling wine was made in 2016, 73% more for wine aging and production of table wine, and 0.7% less other types of wine materials.
20.01.2017 Source: State Statistics Service of Ukraine

Cooperation within the framework of the German-Ukrainian Agropolitical Dialogue is important for carrying out reforms
Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine Taras Kutovyi met with Head of the Department for EU Policy, International Cooperation and Fisheries of the Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture Dr. Hermann Joub. The meeting was held to mark the 10th Anniversary of the "German-Ukrainian Agropolitical Dialogue". The long-term cooperation with the project is of special interest for the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, given the experience of Germany in reforming agriculture in the Eastern Germany. "We are interested in prolonging of the format of bilateral cooperation through specific projects of sectoral focus", the head of the Agricultural Ministry said.
20.01.2017 Source: Government portal

Agrarian Policy Ministry set outs its major priorities for 2017
The Agrarian Policy and Food Ministry of Ukraine has outlined major priority directions of its activities for 2017. "The priority tasks for the Agrarian Policy Ministry, as defined by the Government for 2017, are the issue of land reform, stimulating the development of agro-industrial complex, the quality and safety of food products, and development of organic market,” Deputy Agrarian Policy and Food Minister Olena Kovalyova said.
19.01.2017 Source: UkrAgroConsult 

Ukraine’s grain harvest of 66 million tonnes in 2016 breaks record
Grain harvest in Ukraine 2016 has broken a record being 66 million tonnes (in standard weight) and it was 5.9 million tonnes more than in 2015. Ukraine’s Agricultural Policy and Food Ministry reported that in 2016 grain yield records were hit: wheat – 42.1 centners per ha, rye – 27.3 centners per ha, corn – 66 centners per ha and peas – 31.3 centners per ha. In general last year Ukraine threshed 26 million tonnes of wheat, around 28 million tonnes of corn, 9.4 million tonnes of barley, 391,500 tonnes of rye, 499,000 tonnes of oats, 176,400 tonnes of buckwheat, 745,600 tonnes of peas and 64,800 tonnes of rice. Average yield of grain crops was 46.1 centners per ha.
The country also harvested 13.9 million tonnes of sugar beets (the yield is 482.4 centners per ha), 13.6 million tonnes of sunflower seeds (22.4 centners per ha), 4.3 million tonnes of soybeans (23.1 centners per ha), 20.9 million tonnes of potatoes (160.7 centners per ha), 9 million tonnes of vegetables (208.2 centners per ha) and 400,000 tonnes of grapes (95.7 centners per ha).
17.01.2017 Source: State Statistics Service of Ukraine

Boom of tomato exports in 2016
A very satisfactory outcome for the tomato exports, which generated a turnover of 17.2 million USD in 2016, far more than twice the 2015 turnover (6.8 million USD). The majority of these exports, more than 94%, were directed to Belarus and Poland. Belarus bought 79.4% (13.6 million USD) and Poland 14.8% (2.5 million USD). Last year Ukraine imported tomatoes, from Turkey (88.1% of total tomato imports) for 26 million USD and from Spain (1.9 million USD).
16.01.2017 Source: UkrAgroConsult 

Lozova Machinery posts 80% rise in sales in 2016
Lozova Machinery (the brand of tillage machines made by UPEC Group’s enterprises, Kharkiv region) posted an 80% rise in sales in 2016, to over UAH 250 million. Marketing Director of the agricultural division Olha Babkova said that products of Lozova Machinery were actively promoted outside Ukraine. “The brand is being sold in two strategic directions: CIS and Eastern Europe markets. Thanks to participation in exhibitions and holding demonstration tours we have managed to boost sales and expand the dealer chain in these regions,” Babkova said.
16.01.2017 Source: Interfax Ukraine

Ukraine sees 40.5% rise in sugar production in 2016/17 agri-year
Sugar production in Ukraine in 2016/17 agricultural year (September-August) increased by 40.5%, to 2.008 million tonnes compared to the previous season. 42 sugar refineries refined 13.66 million tonnes of sugar beets. The association said that this year was favorable for Ukrainian sugar producers. Due to bad harvest in Brazil and India and the favorable situation on the global market, Ukrainian producers managed to supply almost 470,000 tonnes of sugar to foreign markets, mainly to Sri Lanka, Georgia and Tunisia.
13.01.2017 Source: National sugar producers association Ukrtsukor

China proposed to open agricultural exchange in Ukraine
China is interested in opening of the agricultural commodities exchange in Ukraine, declared top-managers of the Jilin International Commodities Exchange (JICE) during meeting with the President of Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation (UAC), Leonid Kozachenko. The JICE leaders proposed to found a stock exchange market in Ukraine, to sell their products and hedge any price risks for both large-scale and medium companies. Thus, agricultural producers will be able to conclude contracts at more favorable prices. According to L.Kozachenko, the proposal of JICE is quite interesting, because in Ukraine only large-scale companies with annual production capacities of more than 50 mln USD have the opportunity to sell their products on international markets. But medium-scale companies with the capacities of nearly 1 mln USD does not have such opportunities. That is why such commodity exchange would be useful for Ukrainian agrarians. Therefore, UAC and representatives of JICE agreed to exchange information about further realization of the project in Ukraine. Ukrainian Agrarian Confederation defends the interests of Ukrainian agricultural producers, so the process of preliminary negotiations is very important, said L.Kozachenko.
11.01.2017 Source: APK Inform

Ukraine increases honey exports by 1.6 times in 2016
Ukraine in 2016 exported 56,990 tonnes of honey, which is 1.6 times more than a year earlier. According to its figures, in terms of money honey exports grew by 15.4%, to USD 97.28 million. The main consumers of Ukrainian products were Germany, Poland, and the United States. Honey imports to Ukraine over the past year rose from 17 tonnes to 118 tonnes.
10.01.2017 Source: State Fiscal Service

Ukraine exports nitrogen fertilizers worth USD 322 million in 2016
Ukraine in 2016 exported nitrogen mineral or chemical fertilizers for a total of USD 321.614 million and imported for USD 216.095 million. Supplies to Turkey amounted to USD 113.724 million, Italy to USD 45.42 million, India to USD 35.502 million, and other countries to USD 126.968 million. Imports of nitrogen fertilizers in the last year were carried out from Russia for USD 166.72 million, Belarus for USD 24.04 million, Kazakhstan for USD 10.583 million, other countries for USD 14.752 million.
07.01.2017 Source: State Fiscal Service

ARCHIV: Nachrichten aus der ukrainiscen Landwirtschaft:

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